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The L Word: "Last Word"

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If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around does it make a sound? More importantly, if The L Word finally pulls the last fistful of dirt on itself, burying the long-dead show for all eternity, and no one is there to liveblog it, is it really dead and buried? Thankfully this is a question that you, dear readers, will never have to contemplate because I will be liveblogging the series finale of The L Word—the only show in the history of television to ever feature a pregnant trans-man character dressed as Willy Wonka, a sex scene featuring a member of the band Betty in a jacuzzi, and a repressed memory of childhood sexual abuse at a goth carnival set to klezmer music.

How many times will Pam Grier say, "Girl!" because she clearly can't remember her lines? Will Lucy Lawless have handsex with anyone? Elizabeth Berkley: alien or half-alien? Which characters will completely change personalities one last time just for the hell of it? Will the writers just push the pregnant trans-man down the stairs and be done with it because they clearly hate that character so much, or will he actually have a baby? Did all the characters just take turns drowning Jenny, or was this whole season really some crazy screenplay Jenny was writing and she's not actually dead (the first theory makes more sense for The L Word, which is to say that it makes no sense in the real world)? How has this show been on the air for 6 seasons?


Some of these questions and so many more will be answered this Sunday, starting at 8pm EST in TV Club. The L Word is like a broken, empty pinata floating in a pool. Let's watch it finally sink to the bottom together.

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