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The internet is even scarier than usual in the trailer for Hulu’s Dimension 404

You’ve got to love a trailer that opens with Patton Oswalt saying “this is gonna suck” alongside some spooky narration from Mark Hamill, and that’s exactly what this trailer for Hulu’s Dimension 404 delivers. The show is a sci-fi-themed horror anthology, and each episode tells a story about a new internet-related nightmare, but this doesn’t look like as much of a Black Mirror knockoff as that description may suggest. While that show is relentlessly oppressive in its bleakness, Dimension 404 seems like it’s designed to be a bit more fun. Oh sure, there are glimpses of the killer arcade game Polybius and Oswalt gets attacked by a tentacle monster, but that stuff can still be fun.

Dimension 404 will premiere on Hulu on April 4, and internaional viewers who can’t get Hulu can find more information at this link.


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