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The House Of Cards season 4 trailer reminds us of Frank Underwood’s noble deeds

House Of Cards’ Frank Underwood is a ruthless man, a fact that Netflix wants to make absolutely sure viewers of its flagship series don’t forget. The trailer for the upcoming fourth season sees Kevin Spacey sitting at the desk Underwood earned through blood, sweat, tears, semen, and assorted other bodily fluids as he tells his loyal constituency why he should remain president. His rousing speech about getting “the leaders we deserve” is punctuated by flashbacks to his most disturbing crimes, starting with that casual breaking of a dog’s neck in the pilot and zipping through the various acts of infidelity, murder, deceit, and corruption on which he built his political reputation.

All in all it’s a light, joyful reminder of how inspiring politics can be. Because Netflix doesn’t release viewership information, it’s not clear how many people are religiously anticipating the results of the “F.U. 2016” campaign, but voter(s) will have access to another 13 hours of Spacey’s southern drawl starting March 4.


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