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The Good Place is just “Chillaxing” tonight

Kristen Bell, Ted Danson
Photo: Colleen Hayes (NBC)

Here’s what’s happening in the world of television for Thursday, October 10. All times are Eastern.

Top pick

The Good Place (NBC, 9 p.m.): The final season of The Good Place, one of TV’s best sitcoms, marches boldly on. Its twistiness remains intact. So does its sincerity, emotional complexity, and occasional wallops of heartache. Here’s Dennis Perkins on the show’s improbable, impressive alchemy:

As a seasons-long balancing act, it’s goddamned impressive, verging on improbable. Which is why—despite my greedy, childish inner cries of “MORE GOOD PLACE”—it feels like the act of a truly wise if unsparing creator that actual Good Place creator Michael Schur has decreed that four seasons is just the right length for that intricately weighty, silly game to last. And if the first part of this final season premiere, “A Girl From Arizona” last week partook more of the necessary table-setting for this final round of dueling humans, demons, and implacable (if ravenously binge-watching) celestial adjudicators, the second half strikes right back into the heart of the show’s mysteries, and joys. Oh, and heartbreaks.


Tonight’s episode, “Chillaxing,” promises both, as “Michael and Eleanor discover something troubling,” while Tahani connects with one of the new humans on the block. But just in case you’re still dealing with the emotional hangover from last week’s installment, we once again suggest you take in The Selection.

That should tide you over until 9 p.m. As always, Dennis Perkins’ recap will arrive after The Good Place airs, as will our annotated guide to the episode. Did we miss anything last week? Shoot us a forking email at youforkingmissedit@avclub.com.

Regular coverage

How To Get Away With Murder (ABC, 10:01 p.m.)

Wild card

Beat Bobby Flay (Food Network, 10 p.m.): Tonight’s episode of Beat Bobby Flat is called “They Had Style, They Had Food, They Were There!”

If you’ve just been dying to watch Fran Drescher attempt to beat Bobby Flay, you’re in luck, because that title means exactly what you’d expect.


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