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The glory of love is alive in the promo for Lifetime’s Beaches

The first promo for Lifetime’s Beaches remake just features Idina Menzel singing “The Glory Of Love,” which is perfectly fine because—like most things that come out of Menzel’s mouth—it sounds great. Not to mention, it leaves us in even greater anticipation of her version of “Wind Beneath My Wings,” which we were already pretty excited about. While it’s always good to be wary about new incarnations of classics, the promise of a host of schmaltzy/wonderful tracks from the Frozen star is appealing indeed.

Menzel, of course, is playing C.C., the role occupied by Bette Midler in the original film. Meanwhile, Nia Long is taking on the part of her best friend/tragic figure Hillary, first portrayed by Barbara Hershey. The movie premieres on Lifetime January 21. That’s, yes, the day after the inauguration, which means you’ll probably be crying already.


[via Entertainment Weekly]

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