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The forecast calls for the Funny Or Die America’s Next Weatherman trailer

America’s Next Weatherman Trailer

And now, the weather(man show)—Funny Or Die has just released the trailer for its weathercaster reality competition show that will air on TBS. A fake-ish news team made up of The Comedians’ Matt Oberg, retired weatherman Johnny Mountain, and talk radio host Jillian Barberie will audition twelve contestants (including a puppet) who are competing for $100,000 and a chance to do the weather on CNN’s New Day.


There will be jokes and stuff, but producer Mark Burnett—whose credits include Survivor, The Voice and Shark Tank—is keeping this series within his wheelhouse, meaning the twelve hopefuls will compete in “ridiculously realistic” challenges include going on a coffee run on an actual track, being telegenic (maybe?), and keeping their composure when two weather fronts meet to form boobs on the green screen.

Funny Or Die Presents America’s Next Weatherman premieres on TBS on August 8.

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