We’ve got yet another trailer for you out of the San Diego Comic-Con, this one for FX’s upcoming X-Men adjacent series Legion. Produced by Fargo’s Noah Hawley, Legion stars Dan Stevens as David Haller, a man who believes himself to be schizophrenic thanks to the voices in his head and perceived ability to manipulate time. While in a psychiatric hospital, though, David has a bizarre experience that helps him realize that he’s not mentally ill at all, but a highly gifted mutant.

The first trailer for the series goes inside David’s mind, revealing all the surreal events that have been tripping him the fuck out as he’s interviewed by what appears to be a psychiatrist (or is he?). It also introduces Fargo’s Rachel Keller as Sydney Barrett, a missing woman with whom David claims to have switched places. Featuring everything from superpowered chaos to a Bollywood-influenced dance number, the trailer is intriguingly, delightfully weird from start to finish.


Legion premieres on FX early next year.