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The first Better Call Saul teaser confirms February release, not much else

Even if Better Call Saul wasn’t already renewed for a second season, it wouldn’t matter if the show was set in the recent past, post-apocalyptic future, or had Bob Odenkirk hopscotching through time and space like Scott Bakula in a cheap suit. The Internet would watch it, because otherwise we might have to admit that all that obsessive scrutiny was maybe not the most productive use of everyone’s time. AMC’s first teaser for the show only feeds the speculative beast. The clip shows Odenkirk sitting in front of a green background and what looks like a salad bar (Denny’s? The Rainforest Café? One of those restaurants where ladies swim around dressed like mermaids?) quipping his heart out about how lawyers are like health insurance. The clip does confirm that Better Call Saul has been officially pushed back to February 2015, however, leaving plenty of time to analyze the 10-second clip frame by precious frame.


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