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The first Ash Vs. Evil Dead teaser has trees, chainsaw sounds, not much else

Sam Raimi and his partner in splatter Bruce Campbell are hardly known for their restraint, and that just makes the first teaser trailer for their new show Ash Vs. Evil Dead all the more disappointing. The trailer doesn’t show Campbell or any of his costars, which include Lucy Lawless, Girlfriends star Jill Marie Jones, and a couple of fresh-faced kids, at least one of which we assume will meet a cartoonishly violent end early on in the first season only to come back as an equally cartoonish monster, because this is an Evil Dead project. We wouldn‘t know—not yet, anyway, because all this teaser reveals is that Starz has a pretty decent motion graphics department and that chainsaw sounds will be involved in the show in some capacity. That font is pretty metal, though. Ash Vs. Evil Dead is set to premiere some time later this year.

[via ComingSoon]


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