HBO’s The Leftovers has never not been kind of apocalyptic, with its tale of a world sent into chaos when 2 percent of the planet’s population suddenly vanished. But with its final season on the way—scheduled to premiere on April 16—the series is diving whole hog into its eschatological ambitions. As the full trailer for the third season reveals, the show’s cast is now just a few weeks out from the seventh anniversary of the Sudden Departure, and the general sense is that something big—and potentially unworldly—is coming to commemorate the day.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of questions for the people still around to wrestle with. Like, is Justin Theroux’s Kevin—who died halfway through season 2, only to come back to life—secretly Jesus Christ? Can a mysterious “third party” really reunite Nora with her kids? And is the music of ABBA a cheerfully heart-broken harbinger of the end of the world? The Leftovers isn’t the kind of show to offer up answers all willy-nilly, but we’ll presumably know at least a little more when it returns for its final season next month.