While he’s largely new to American TV audiences (unless you caught the fleetingly present USA series Rush, or his one-off as Robin Hood on Once Upon A Time), Anglophiles will recognize British TV veteran Tom Ellis (Miranda, The Secret Of Crickley Hall), who gives new meaning to the term “devilishly handsome.” He’s the title character of Fox’s new series Lucifer, based loosely (loosiferly?) on the character created by Neil Gaiman in Sandman and the character’s subsequent headlining Vertigo series. We already know the show is turning the King of Hell into a police-assisting baddie, per the rules of procedural TV; these two spots also play up his ability to have anyone tell him the truth, to use the hellish powers of the netherworld to speak with an accent from across the pond, and to make Rachael Harris giggle. Thankfully, the latter also suggests there will be some ongoing tussles between Lucifer and a grumpy-looking angel, so maybe Supernatural has done some good for the world outside of Jensen Ackles becoming the undisputed ruler of Tumblr. Lucifer premieres in January.