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The CW’s new Riverdale trailer is predictably bonkers

Once you process the fact that The CW is making a sexy thriller series based on the Archie family of comic books—even though there’s nothing in the Archie family of comic books to support such a concept—Riverdale actually starts to look pretty predictable. The show’s sexy Archie (KJ Apa) is seriously copping Robert Pattinson’s style from the Twilight movies, and the “dead teenager washes up on shore in an idyllic Pacific Northwest town” concept was pioneered decades ago by Twin Peaks (which also happens to be coming back next year). Keep all that in mind when watching the teaser trailer for the show released earlier this afternoon, and imagine the pitch that got this thing made. We’d bet that Cruel Intentions was invoked at some point in the process as well.

Riverdale premieres January 26 on The CW.


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