Inside Amy Schumer
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Inside Amy Schumer returns to Comedy Central next month, but that premiere is only one of many news items running about the comedian, who was among the more fascinating people of the last year. Following the success of Trainwreck, Schumer is set to play a kidnapped woman (who might be related to Goldie Hawn) in an upcoming rom-com that she’ll film while working on her upcoming essay collection, even as she prepares to take a leap into more dramatic fare. Her raised profile isn’t lost on Schumer, who goes to see a TV physician for her condition—in this case, overexposure—in this season four teaser. The doctor runs through the symptoms (which include “Amy Mania”), then prescribes some time away from the limelight, but that cure turns out to be worse than the disease for Schumer.


Inside Amy Schumer premieres April 21 on Comedy Central.