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The crowd’s on its feet for first G.L.O.W. teaser

Though the premiere date is still unknown, Netflix has released a brief teaser for its wrestling comedy series, G.L.O.W. The series, from Jenji Kohan, stars Alison Brie as one of the titular Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling—at least, she’ll eventually become one to revive her failing acting career. Marc Maron is the other big name attached, and he’s playing a washed-up director (we’re sensing a theme) who must wrangle a league of 14 of these attractive wrestlers on the road to ”Hollywood stardom.” G.L.O.W. already has a 10-episode order, but none of that material is in this teaser. It’s got the flashing neon lights, the title of the show, and the sounds of a crowd stomping and clapping in unison, but there’s no sight of Brie or Maron, or anyone else. Way to trick us, Netflix.

G.L.O.W. is coming sometime this summer. Allegedly. (We’ll never trust Netflix again.)


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