John Teti returns to claim his place on the DVR Club Iron Throne this week, as we discuss the eighth episode of Game Of Thrones’ fifth season, “Hardhome.” Despite their earlier complaints, both Katie and John liked the epic battle of humans vs. ice zombies at the end of the episode; Katie even nominates everyone north of the Wall for her “Most Improved Characters” of the week, although John wonders why the dead don’t swim.

Also in this satisfying antepenultimate episode, John and Katie are excited to see Daenerys and Tyrion talk politics, and John offers an appreciation of the way Game Of Thrones structured the latest chapter of Arya’s Faceless Man training. For more, check out The A.V. Club’s dual reviews of “Hardhome,” including Erik Adams’ newbies coverage and Myles McNutt’s expert analysis for book readers.