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The Chicago PD is a rich guy’s toy in the trailer for Fox’s APB

“Technology doesn’t solve cases; cops do.” That line is pretty much all you need to know about the trailer for Fox’s new police procedural APB, which sees a tech billionaire (Justin Kirk) attempting to futurize the Chicago Police Department via copious infusions of cash. (The show takes inspiration from a real-world attempt to do something similar in New Orleans’ French Quarter a few years back.) Cue tons of remote control drones, newfangled tasers, and fancy cars, even as old-school cops like Ernie Hudson grumble about the changes. APB looks more playful than thoughtful about the struggles of modern policing; if nothing else, Kirk looks like he’s having fun, playing semi-altruist Gideon Reed like it’s Christmas morning and he just got a brand new, very expensive toy (albeit one tasked with keeping millions of people protected and safe).


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