Justin Timberlake is the executive producer of a new show on MTV called The Phone. In case you're wondering how Timberlake found the time to produce a television show in between approving rivets for his jeans line, and filming his demanding recurring role as Increasingly Tedious Desperate Ratings Grab on Saturday Night Live, well, that's simple. He didn't put any thought into The Phone at all. Really, no one did. Except maybe, "More 'splosions."  And "A little more like Phone Booth, but without the booth."

Didn't this show already happen? Wasn't it called Scare Tactics? Wasn't that version inherently better simply because it was hosted by Tracy Morgan? Yes, yes, and obviously.


Still, The Phone proves one thing: we have more than enough cheap, dumb hidden camera shows. With this, and Osbournes: Reloaded, and Howie Do It, and What Would You Do?, and Scare Tactics, we are way past capacity. Please stop squeezing them in here. The entertainment fire marshal is angry. No more.