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The blood flows free and fast in Ash Vs. Evil Dead season 2 teaser

All right, primitive screwheads, it’s time to get excited for the new season of Ash Vs. Evil Dead on Starz. The previous season was a fun, gory time for all as Bruce Campbell dealt with the Necronomicon, various Deadites, and a relentless woman with an axe to grind (Lucy Lawless). Lawless rejoins the cast for the second season, which also appears to be cranking up the blood and guts (and inclusion of mechanical bull riding) to a whole new grotesque level.


There’s not too much information to go on from this video, as it’s just a teaser for the show’s return, but it does appear as if the evil shenanigans encountered by Ash and his ersatz gang will continue while the viscera will flow even more than before. All this plus news that Lee Majors will be featured as Ash’s father should have fans cautiously optimistic about this newest set of adventures.

Ash Vs. Evil Dead returns to Starz on Friday, September 23.

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