The wait for news about the Daredevil season two premiere is over—Netflix has just announced that Hell’s Kitchen’s hero (and villains) will return on March 18, at the stroke after midnight. The teaser serves mostly as a recap of season one and the (re)birth of a hero, with some of the most memorable scenes illustrated in a church gallery not unlike the Sistine Chapel’s. As the scenes catch up with the present (or future), Matt Murdock’s (Charlie Cox) voiceover suggests he’s just as conflicted as ever about his stance in this battle of good versus evil. But just as he’s getting some positive reinforcement from his priest, we get the noisiest calling card ever when the stained-glass windows are blown to bits by this guy (probably).

Daredevil season two premieres March 18 on Netflix which, as it turns out, will not make it a third party in the battle of Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice. This teaser poster features some of the players and, let’s face it, probable victims of the upcoming season.