The A.V. Club unmasks The Masked Singer

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The third season of The Masked Singer continued Wednesday with its 10th episode and first round of eliminations for its Super 9 finalists.

With six correct guesses under our belt, we are feeling pretty confident about this final group of performers.

With some help from her dad, The A.V. Club’s Angelica Cataldo will attempt to guess the identity of each singer before they’re unmasked on the show. Watch this space for weekly unveilings to see how their guesses stack up.


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White Tiger (Group A)- Super 9 Finalist

Song: “I’m Too Sexy,” Right Said Fred

Our guess: Former Patriot tight end Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski

New Clues:

  • “I’d never sung in front of a crowd.”
  • “I didn’t know what an 8-count was.”
  • “As soon as I stepped on the stage, I lit up like a lightbulb.”
  • “I know I don’t have the best voice, trust me.”
  • “I can turn this stage into the raunchiest party on the block.”
  • SUPER CLUE: “Swish Swish” (Gronk is in Katy Perry’s song of the same title)
  • “I’m just not brawn. I’m brains, too I even wrote a best-selling book” (It’s Good To Be Gronk)

Past Clues:

  • He’s “shocked people” with his moves and wants to see everyone doing them.
  • His college friend gives the clues tonight: “When he commits to something, he doesn’t stop ‘til he wins”
  • “I knew going into this competition that I was never going to be the best singer. I’ve always known how to work a crowd. That was always my strategy.”
  • White Tiger’s Valentine is for Jenny McCarthy: “I’m wild about you. But I know your husband will appreciate this card even more.” (Her husband & his brother are die-hard Patriots fans.)
  • “I’m putting in the time to hone this new craft”
  • “To put the mass in mask”
  • “Dancing heals my body after taking a beating”
  • “I’m ready to cut a rug on the stage and tear it up”
  • Voted “most likely to go to the mat for a friend, and I did, literally.”(Gronk’s buddy is Mojo Rawley and they wrestled together in WWE)
  • “Ultimate champion for clam shucking” (Clue that it relates to New England.)
  • “Game On” (Gronk has a new CBS game show by this title.)
  • “Smash the competition” (Possible reference to Gronk’s Nickelodeon show Crashletes?)
  • “I’ve had a giant career full of accomplishments.” (Giants have beaten the Patriots twice)
  • Lincoln, Washington, Franklin shown on the wall in intro segments. (A reference to historic patriots?)
  • Intro also includes reference to “Beantown.”

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The Turtle (Group A)- Super 9 finalist

Song: “Higher Love,” Steve Winwood

Our guess: Jesse McCartney

Our Past Guesses: Jordan Knight or Joey McIntyre

New Clues:

  • “Just like my costume, I’m hardcore.”
  • “To win, I had to become a method actor.”
  • He runs a 10K before each show wearing a 40lb vest, “1/4 of my body weight
  • Adds tons of choreography even though he’s not a dancer
  • SUPER 9 CLUE: “Shellboy”
  • He is not known for just one thing.

Past Clues:

  • He’s having a “shell” of a good time.
  • Miss S. was his favorite teacher in high school. She said “he always came into the class singing.”
  • Showed a map of Korea. (...?)
  • Alpha and Omega Greek letters drawn on chalkboard (beginning and end of alphabet. McCartney appeared on TV show called “Greek”)
  • Turtle sent Valentines to Nicole Scherzinger: “Nicole, I’ll never forget the morning we spent together” (McCartney performed on the Today Show in 2008).
  • “People have always expected me to act a certain way.”
  • Clues show Turtle playing in a punk band.
  • Slow-cooked beets and cookies on a tray. (…?)
  • Simpsons reference with chalkboard text that says: “Don’t Rave Ever At My School.” (Could stand for DREAMS?)
  • Voted “most likely to hunt for booty. And I have, often.”—Jordan Knight has a signature booty-shake dance move.
  • Last week, we had a surfboard as a clue. (Knight crowd surfs—and still does.)
  • “At the starting line, I was surrounded by newcomers” (Newcomers...New Kids?)
  • “Always taken it ‘Step By Step’.” (“Step By Step” is an NKOTB song.)
  • “I don’t want anyone to cross the line before me.” (A possible reference to the “Hangin’ Tough” lyric “Don’t cross our path ’cause you’re gonna get stomped.”)
  • Jenny McCarthy thinks it is someone she and her husband (Donnie Wahlberg, a former NKOTB member) know.
  • The Turtle was also grilling burgers in the clue package. (Possible reference to the restaurant Wahlburgers.)

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The Llama- Eliminated (Group A)

Actual Celebrity: Drew Carey

Dad’s Current Guess: Drew Carey

Angelica’s Current guess: Whose Line’s Ryan Stiles

Our Past Guess: Danny Bonaduce


  • Accordion. (In a band?)
  • “For a while I was spinning my wheels.” (If we are still thinking Bonaduce, he did spend some time on the bus in The Partridge Family.)
  • “Think on my feet...I’ll be the greatest of all time.”
  • The Llama is voted most likely to be near firing cannons
  • The Llama wears dreadlocks and shades. The masked singer says he wears “things like this” in real life. (Possible a reference to Bonaduce’s usual Hawaiian shirt get-up.)
  • The Llama is seen as a DJ for “The Wool 23.3.” (Bonaduce is a radio DJ.)
  • “Nothing like being swept up” and “Seattle Sound.” (Seattle radio references? Bonaduce works for a Seattle station. Drew Carey owns The Seattle Sound. Ryan Stiles was born in Seattle.)

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Miss Monster- Eliminated (Group A)

Our guess: Chaka Khan.

Actual Celebrity: Chaka Khan

Our Past Guesses: Missy Elliott or Macy Gray


  • “True art always comes from within.” Her hairstylist says he has known her since she was 18 years old.
  • Shows camouflage scarf, a teddy bear, and a sock on the clothesline(Jenny McCarthy thinks she’s a Chicagoan and Chaka Khan is from Chicago, hence the bear and sock. The camo scarf could be a tie-in to her album “Camouflage.”)
  • Miss Monster sent a valentine to Robin Thicke: “I only have Eye for you. We even had a rendezvous in Sin City.” (Robin thinks it is a reference to a radio show or performance. Thicke did perform with Chaka Khan at the NHL Awards in 2009.)
  • “Now, I can just focus on being an artist”
  • “Titanic” reference in clues package
  • Queen Chess piece. (Macy Gray has a song “Queen of the Big Hurt” or Chaka Khan being the “Queen of Funk”)
  • You’ve got to stand up for yourself
  • “I’m capable of anything and full of love”
  • Voted most likely to be in the presence of royalty
  • Intro says she is “misunderstood.” (Possible reference to the Missy Elliott album, Missundaztood.)
  • Says she was inspired by T-Pain in season one. (T-Pain and Missy sang a duet with Timbaland.)
  • Says she “started as a shy little monster.” (Missy Elliot was in a reality show on E! called Party Monsters Cabo.)
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Kangaroo (Group A)- Super 9 Finalist

Song: “Not Ready to Make Nice,” Dixie Chicks

Our guess: Jordyn Woods

Our past guesses: Kelly Rowland

New Clues:

  • “I Had to put on a brave face.”
  • “...Believing in myself like never before”
  • “I’m Incredibly nervous.”
  • “When I’m jumping, I’m just trying to shake out my nerves.”
  • “I’m out of my league, but singing a fighter’s anthem.”
  • “I was put through hell this [last year].”
  • SUPER 9 CLUE: “All right dolls, do you know who I am now?”
  • Holds up a kangaroo doll
  • “I’ve NEVER lived in Australia.”

Past Clues:

  • Her clues came from her brother this week. “Drama queen in her teenage years. When tragedy hit our family she was the glue that held us all together. Since then, we’ve only gotten closer. Her ability to rise above the haters is something I admire.” (Jordyn Woods’ father died. Woods also got a lot of heat after Kyle Jenner and her stopped being friends over a cheating scandal involving Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson.)
  • Kangaroo’s Valentine is to Leah Remini: “We’ve sat at the same table, and your courage has inspired me.” Leah thinks it was someone who had been on The Talk with her.
  • “Biggest problem being a kangaroo is the [costume] ears. I have to re-evaluate how I enter a room.”
  • “It seems like I’ve been watching my life from the sidelines”
  • “Sometimes it feels like everyone is against me”
  • “I need to have courage and get back in the game.” (Basketball or basketball players reference? Kelly Rowland also used to date Deron Williams.)
  • “I have to be a role model for my little Roo.” (Rowland is a mother.)
  • Voted most likely to appear on a list with Seal and Mike Tyson.
  • The kangaroo is already a clue that she may live in Australia. She talks about the Outback, as well. (Rowland is the host for Australia’s version of The Voice.)
  • She sang “Dancing On My Own” by Robyn. (Rowland is recently divorced, hence the theme of her chosen song.)

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The Robot-Eliminated (Group A)

Our guess: Mike Tyson

Actual Celebrity: Lil’ Wayne


  • “Tough outer shell”
  • “Share of fame in certain circles”
  • “Tip the scales” (Reference to boxing weigh-ins?)
  • Gaming controller. (Possible reference to Mike Tyson’s Punch Out.)
  • There is a periodic table of elements that focuses on “PT” for platinum. (“IR,” the symbol for iron, is right next to it. Iron Mike Tyson, get it?)

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Frog (Group B)- Super 9 Finalist

Song: “Jump,” Kris Kross

Our guess: Bow Wow

New Clues:

  • “This getup allows me to do things that I couldn’t do when I was concerned about my image.”
  • “There are a lot of crazy talented vocalists here, but I’m busting my butt to entertain you in ways they can’t.”
  • SUPER CLUE: Shows a medieval knight’s suit of armor
  • “I’m] not a trained dancer, at all”

Past Clues:

  • “I’m too ribbit to quit. Makes me think backwards to when my career jump started and a woman who was so instrumental but barely seen”
  • Frog’s guest clue giver is a personal friend who’s known him since he was a tad pole
  • “I knew immediately he’d be a superstar”
  • Shows an “invisible” woman in a fur coat and fedora
  • Shows a shampoo bottle and wide-tooth comb
  • “I looked after him when he was in LA. Even then he had an entourage. I remember taking him to his first midnight talk show. It was way past his bedtime, but I let it slide. He was cool, calm, and collected— way beyond his years.”
  • Shows a green bowtie
  • “But I’m most impressed with the man Frog has become. Life hasn’t always been easy for him, but he’s persevered and paved the way for so many people. I couldn’t be more proud.”
  • Frog’s friendship bracelet is for T-Pain and says “All we do is win” ( Could be a reference, not to the song, but to the collaboration Bow Wow and T-Pain did together).
  • The letters C-S-I highlighted on an old typewriter (Bow Wow was on CSI:Cyber as recurring character Brody Nelson)
  • $19.00 price tag on “Fame” (Bow Wow has a song called Price of Fame)
  • The Frog is “always shootin’’” and then shows a basketball -(Bow Wow was in “Like Mike” when he was Lil’ Bow Wow)
  • Toy Army soldiers (Bow Wow collaborated with Soulja Boy in 2016)
  • Typewriter page reads “Not every frog wants to be a prince” (Lil’ Bow Wow changed his name to just Bow Wow in 2002, and in 2013 has since stated in interviews that he also thinks “Bow Wow” is no longer fitting for his career.)
  • Says “Newsflash” and talks about his “metamorphosis.”
  • Says he was plucked from large creek,
  • Leftover hush puppies in brown lunch bag,
  • He’s short, especially when standing next to Nick Cannon who is 6 feet tall.
  • Lightning bolt reference (Fast as lightning, maybe?)
  • “Never had a chance to evolve my image and do things my way”
  • “Slithering with the big frogs”
  • There is a 1996 Olympic Games 1000 Meter “LeapFrog” poster
  • “Now it’s time to Write my own masterpieces”
  • Shows a $100, $5, and $1 bills next to a classic chrome microphone

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Elephant- Eliminated (Group B)

Our guess: Lance Armstrong

Actual Celebrity: Tony Hawk

  • “Here’s the story of how I became the biggest animal in the kingdom. I was a calf when I found my calling” Shows him playing a drum set (Armstrong has performed as a drummer before)
  • “And with hard work, turned my passion into a one man show”
  • Big emphasis on the STOP sign and a big bicycle sign in the background
  • “I went from canvassing park benches to leading the charge of a massive movement, even parading through white houses, and now I’m ramping up to a new calling” (Political activism or leading the Tour De France)
  • Plastic lawn blue jay birds in front of a flower shop

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Kitty (Group B)- Super 9 finalist

Song: “It’s All Coming Back to me Now,” Celine Dion

Our guess: Calista Flockhart

Past guesses: Amanda Seyfried or Christina Ricci

New Clues:

  • “Since starting young, I struggled with my self image.”
  • “My mind only saw darkness and ugliness.”
  • “I felt like the odd cat out.”
  • “Something special happens and I feel assertive and confident”
  • SUPER CLUE: “Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Ring
  • any jingle bells?” (She was dancing with the tree from last season, Ana Gastayer)
  • “I was NOT dreaming when Robert Redford helped me get my first role.”

Past Clues:

  • “My BFF is here to dish out some Kitty gossip””
  • Kitty’s BFF has neon green Rapunzel hair and a hot pink blazer
  • “I’ve known Kitty since we were little kittens. She didn’t have a ton of friends and got bullied at school for being weird, but to me, that’s always what made her special”
  • Shows a Fabergé egg and a candelabra
  • “Whether she was writing columns or horror movies we would star in, she’s always had a flair for the dramatic. I’ll never forget that one day in class where Kitty said she could see ghosts and scared one girl so badly, Kitty got detention. She may have the voice of an angel but its her dark side that will help her slay the competition
  • Kitty gave Robin Thicke a friendship bracelet that spelled “Fireworks” and said the first time she an Thicke met was “lit.”
  • “Sewing is one of my favorite things to do when I “needle” little time alone”
  • “Whether a pillow for someone special or a modern dress for a family member’s ball” (Modern Family reference?)
  • “Maybe there’s something about walking transformations that rings a bell- Shows a Little Red Riding Hood cape
  • “My favorite subject was English. I am such a bookworm and I used to write my own science fiction books and sell them for quarters.”
  • “In all my wildest dreams I never imagined I’d be here, but I feel at home among the weird and the wonderful, it’s almost like this show is made for me. A little bit of heaven where I can wipe the slate clean of the purest snow”
  • “Sometimes it feels lonely because people don’t think of me as the person I’ve become but the person I once was”
  • Shows a stage prop moon exploding out the mouth
  • “But now under these lights I’m on the cream of the crop”
  • Shows milk being poured into a carafe (Simple Life reference?)
  • “I get to start from scratch”
  • Shows pirates sword fighting
  • “And just like a kitty, [I] will always find a way to nuzzle into your heart”
  • “Tonight, for my debut, I am going for high drama”
  • Shows a glass rose falling and shattering
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Taco (Group B)- Eliminated

Our guess: Tom Bergeron

Actual Celebrity: Tom Bergeron


  • Taco said: “I’ve enjoyed a lot of salsa” (reference to his time on Dancing with the Stars?)
  • Taco’s “close, and very famous friend”
  • Shows a “MENU” with the letter “M and E” emphasized with sparkly ruby lettering (Could be “Emmy” and Tom Bergeron won an Emmy for Dancing with the Stars in 2012.)
  • Shows Taco’s friend in a red blazer and plaid scarf covered by a seafood platter
  • “We both help people when they get knocked down”
  • Shows a bowl of baked beans
  • “We always find the humor in everything”
  • Shows an old washboard
  • “We both love our children— our little shrimps”
  • Taco’s friendship bracelet is for Nicole scherzinger that spells “Kiss”not because they kissed but because the first time he saw Scherzinger, she was “perfect” (KISS played on Dancing with the Stars in 2012. Taco said the bracelet’s message “KISS” has “much less to do with an actual KISS.” Nicole Scherzinger was also a contestant on DWTS.).
  • Shows a whoopee cushion
  • “You may think of me as a buttoned-up mild type, but I actually used to be a bit of a hot head”
  • “Until I met the most stunning taco in the galaxy.”- Shows a celestial globe with the Gemini constellation facing the camera
  • “My jaw dropped, my heart buzzed and everything changed. She made me the man I am today.”
  • Shows a black hairpieces moving on its own
  • He was a “class clown”
  • Like the comfort food I am, I’ve been a comforting part of your lives for decades”
  • Shows video tapes (Reference to America’s Funniest Home Videos) 
  • “I’ve got plenty of seasoning and I’m in a good place
  • Shows a boat anchor and a trolley car (San Francisco Bay reference for Full House?)
  • “But my routine can get a bit mild”
  • Shows a Rubik’s cube in a salad (Bergeron hosted a game show called Hollywood Squares that had a game board that looked liked a Rubik’s cube)
  • “So, I’m here to bust up the buffet and spice things up.”

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Mouse (Group B)- Eliminated

Our guess: Dionne Warwick

Actual Celebrity: Dionne Warwick

Past Clues:

  • Shows Rhinoceros bust
  • Shows prayer hands picture
  • “Why quit something that still feels exciting and new?” (A Love Boat reference? Dionne Warwick sang the Love Boat theme from 1985-86)
  • Secret Talent: Needlepointing (Dionne Warwick has also mentioned her needlepoint hobby in many interviews.)
  • Her favorite subject in school was math
  • “Just like a mouse, I am small and cute. Don’t let my size fool you”
  • Shows a high school football field with a megaphone and security guards have golden pompoms
  • “My presence is larger than life. I’ve always been a leader in my field. I wrote the playbook”
  • Shows a play board for a soccer field with North, South, EAST (is highlighted in yellow), and West with “BANG BANG FORMATION” at the top
  • Show the numbers 19 and 79 (1979?) on a “Warriors” jersey (Warwick is 79 years old and she sang the theme song for Solid Gold)
  • “I never accept anything less than gold”
  • She is a self-proclaimed “chatterbox” and as won 2 Emmy awards

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Banana (Group B)- Super 9 finalist

Song: “Sweet Home Alabama,” Lynryd Skynrd

Our guess: Bret Michaels

New Clues:

  • “I’m just a party boy looking for a good time.” (Poison’s Nothin’ but a Good Time)
  • SUPER CLUE: “Have you ever rocked one of these?”
  • Shows a mullet
  • Blue collar has many meanings. I’m funny but I’m not “stand-up” funny.

Past Clues:

  • Two lovely ladies (his kids?) are the Banana’s guest clue givers.
  • Shows two smaller bananas
  • Shows a table with a jar of jam, a car jack, a socket wrench set, tire iron, welding wand and
  • “[The Banana] is such a great role model. When we were younger, Banana actually taught us how to drive by getting us go-karts. He decided to build a race track in our backyard. He dug up the bushes himself. Anything to make us smile” (Michaels did just that. He also drove racecars for a time).
  • Shows banana racing a go-kart on a track with the number 11 on it
  • Picked “Lean On Me” because his father recently passed away and it was their jam (Michaels’ Father recently died in 2019).
  • “He’s been through a lot of heartburn” in his life.
  • Banana’s friendship bracelet is for Jenny McCarthy and spells “Nineties Love” because they had a little chance to hang as friends, had a great time, and he loves her.
  • Shows a clock reading June 8 at 2:13 PM (LA 213 area code where Michael’s band, Poison began?)
  • “I don’t wanna slip up, so when my team called me in for a meeting about my image, I was like “git ‘er done’”
  • Shows cowboy boots
  • Sons of “Bananarchy” poster
  • Banana “Chips” poster
  • Banana is the New Snack (Orange is the New Black)
  • Art was his favorite subject in school
  • Shows a the Banana asleep on a high school soccer field next to a cowboy hat (Bret Michael wears a straw cowboy hat) and two green mannequins made of veggies (could be a reference to the neon green women in the music video for Poison’s “Unskinny Bop”)
  • Security guard wakes him up after falling next to a taxidermy puffer fish
  • Banana says “Where am I? Oh no, I’m late for the stage! I can’t believe I overdid it last night, You’d think this is my first rodeo”
  • Shows the banana on an empty school bus
  • “I’m the banana because I am tough on the outside, but a total smoothie on the inside, and a hoot to have at parties, am I right ladies?”
  • Lots of references to being hungover
  • Shows a blue dog collar (Michaels has a signature line of dog collars)
  • “I can’t wait to peel back my layers and show that I can use my voice in any environment”

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Night Angel (Group C)- Super 9 finalist

Song: “Rise Up,” Andra Day

Our guess: Kandi Buress

New Clues:

  • “[This] Feels like Cloud 9.”
  • “I was scared of standing alone after facing rejection in my past.”
  • “Tonights song is my new mantra.”
  • SUPER CLUE: Shows a tricycle (meaning a trio or triple threat?)
  • “I’m not just a voice, I’m a mogul.”

Past Clues:

  • “Becoming the Night Angel has been so therapeutic. I’ve been doing this since I was a teen, but I’ve never felt as free as I do under this mask.”
  • The Night Angel’s high school friend (whose face is covered by a disco ball) is the clue giver this time around
  • “Night Angel always had to juggle school with chasing her dream, so she missed out on a lot, like senior prom.”
  • Shows a rotary dial phone that is off the hook
  • “One thing she was determined not to miss was earning her diploma.”
  • Shows a multiple choice quiz all about the moon
  • “Our graduation conflicted with a huge career opportunity for her, but she refused to miss that day she worked so hard for, because that’s just not Angel.”
  • The last clue is a Lego diorama for Jenny McCarthy that says “Good Times” and The Night Angel said McCarthy has said The Night Angel’s real name many times on her show.
  • “Being on that stage revitalizes my confidence and reminds me of the joy I have for music”
  • “I was sitting up in my room surrounded by other angels, but lost in the crowd.”
  • “I had a thirst for more, so BANG BANG I left my safe place and chose to fall down to Earth.”
  • Shows a drawing of a castle and a strawberry
  • Shows sweet tea and a fan (They are from the south?)
  • “...With hard work and commitment, [I] built an empire.”
  • “Hopefully I can give you a million reasons why I belong here.”
  • “If you’re willing to lend a helping wing, you too can break barriers”
  • Showed 4 “gangster grandma” as Robin Thicke said (a hint to the Night Angel winning 4 Grammys?)
  • “Like an angel, I’ve felt deeply blessed my whole life.”
  • “Doors have always opened for me”
  • “Fame has brought me down like a landslide
  • #6 Key to my success
  • “My prerogative to have a little fun y’all”
  • “I’ma “a little bit dangerous, a little bit sweet.”
  • Nick Cannon asked: “What do you love about being the duality of the Night Angel?” To which the Night Angel answered: “She can be so sweet and sometimes she’s just like...bad.”
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The Bear (Group C)- Eliminated

My guess: Hilary Duff

Dad’s guess: Candace Cameron Bure

Actual Celebrity: Sarah Palin


  • “I’ve been both hunter and hunted. After years of hearing all the phony bologna, I’m sick of everyone not knowing who I really am.”
  • Shows a full house in playing cards
  • Shows male ice skates (Could be married to a hockey player?)
  • “This momma bear is coming out of hibernation” (she’s a mother of two)
  • “Tonight, I, Bear, exercise my right to a killer performance:”

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The Astronaut (Group C)- Super 9 Finalist

Song: Never Gonna Give You Up,” Rick Astley

Our guess: Donald Glover

New Clues:

  • “I’m searching for a chance to blast away labels.”
  • “On my old planet, something happened that changed the course of my career.”
  • “Negativity made it difficult to launch again.”
  • “I’m in a new world with an incredible support system around me.”
  • “I’m free to break boundaries.”
  • “I’m not a competitive guy.”
  • SUPER CLUE: Shows broken record with an Earth in the middle (broke a world record?)
  • “I’ve never had traditional voice training.”

Past Clues:

  • [This suit] Makes me forget I’m only human
  • The Astronaut’s “bro-pilot” is the guest clue giver
  • This “bro-pilot” is shown cooking over a campfire in front of a tent with a full moon covering his face.
  • “Astro is a great captain. He knows how to lead a crew.”
  • Shows a red coffee mug
  • Shows a red and a black six-sided die with the number five facing up.
  • “Sometimes [The Astronaut] can be a total space cadet. One time, in front of thousands of people, he took a huge nose dive and fell flat on his face. Anyone else would have said ‘bye, bye, bye,” and called it quits. But not Astro, he got right back up.”
  • Shows a mini wooden bridge
  • The final clue is a lego diorama with Nicole Scherzinger that says “MALL,” and the Astronaut says he and Scherzinger got together to celebrate a huge birthday.
  • “I have a whole new mission now that I’m connecting with the audience on stage”
  • “I’m loving this fresh start as the circle of life keeps spinning”
  • “I’ getting a foothold in this new world”
  • Shows a flag that looks like Japan’s flag but showing a galaxy circle with the constellation of Orion’s belt
  • Shows the Astronaut waking with a LOT of balloons
  • “In the wild, I kept wandering for what felt like 500 days, using sign language until I found my own voice”
  • “I’m gonna share my story, sing a song from a dear friend, and prove I do belong.” (Stevie Wonder and Glover are actually friends)
  • Shows a hologram of a French horn
  • “We can all reach the stars. Sometimes it just takes a little help from an organized crime family.”
  • “I’ve always dreamed of flying high”
  • Shows an old, Harry Potter-type broom
  • The Astronaut is short
  • Shows flowery piñata thing in space
  • Shows a toolbox
  • “Voyage may be bumpy and far from home”
  • “Even though I started at a young age, I feel like I’m just getting
  • “...gets my heart throbbing” (he’s a teen heartthrob?)
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T-REX (Group C)- Eliminated

Our guess: Jojo Siwa

Actual celebrity: Jojo Siwa


  • T-REX’s coach is the guest clue giver and is covered up by an airline food tray
  • “I’ve spent a lot of time with T-REX. We work together. We travel together. Let me tell you, she subscribes to the idea that there is no off day.”
  • Shows boomerangs (Siwa has a song called “Boomerang”)
  • Shows glitter covered finger foods
  • “I have never met anyone so meticulous, especially someone her age.” (Siwa is only 16 years old)
  • Shows her coach holding a fake pair of red lips
  • The final clue is a Lego diorama of Will Arnett in a T-Rex mouth with the words “Poodle.” T-REX says it means Lego Batman is how she and Arnett are connected.
  • “O-M-G. Being the T-Rex is ‘Dino-mite.’”
  • Shows a tiny pink globe in a party hat (Siwa has a song called World Wide Party)
  • “I was hanging out with my friends on T-Rex Island when out of nowhere…”
  • Shows a meteor hitting the island (Dance Moms was canceled)
  • “After the impact, I was devastated to see singles and doubles left”
  • “My heart was beating like a bumblebee.”
  • “To survive, I had to diversify. No one wants to be a one hit wonder.”
  • “This is my one shot, and I double dare you to stop me.”
  • “If you dream big, your face can be everywhere and you’ll never go extinct.”
  • Shows T-Rex sitting on a baby doll
  • “My journey of evolution, glory and survival”
  • Shows a golden balloon letter U (YouTube, perhaps? or Siwa’s song #1U)
  • Rumors of extinction and then a Cataclysmic event that changed my world forever
  • “I love the feeling of being fierce and untamed”
  • Shows “NW” (Northwestern?)
  • “Discovered by another”
  • Shows a bow and arrow
  • “I was on a magical island with dozens of creature” (Siwa first appeared on Lifetime’s Dance Moms)
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The Rhino (Group C)- Super 9 finalist

Song: “What a Man Gotta Do,” Jonas Brothers

Our guess: Chase Rice

New Clues:

  • “[This] Pushing me and forcing me to grow in ways I’ve never dreamed.”
  • “Earlier in life I tried to be what everyone wanted me to be. I was comfortable playing a role.”
  • Shows Rhino playing with a toy plane.
  • “I was built to take to the sky.”
  • “I’m doing my most dancey song yet”
  • SUPER CLUE: “It’s funny the panel thinks I am an athlete, but music has
  • been my passion since I was a child. I’ve risen up the billboard charts
  • ,and you may even have an album of mine. For a quarter, I’ll fish you
  • a clue.”
  • Shows a slot machine
  • “I’m the risk-taking, gambling type.”
  • “I’m not nearly as tall as you think I am.”

Past Clues:

  • The Rhino’s best college bud is his guest clue giver
  • “Rhino was the first person I met in college.”
  • Shows his friend with a beach ball for a head and two body boards as hands.
  • Both Rhino and his friend wanted to try surfing and were terrible, at first
  • Shows three quarters and an arrow pointing up
  • Rhino is good at surfing now after practicing
  • Shows a planet with a little cowboy at on it
  • Shows a map with only the state of Missouri highlighted with a crown
  • The final clue is a Lego diorama of Robin Thicke that says “1,000.” The Rhino says it means he and Thicke think alike and are on the same track, literally.”
  • “You’re probably wondering what I’m doing on this plane... I’m flying high.”
  • Shows the Rhino standing on the wing of a plane.
  • “Just like on stage, standing on these wings is wild and nerve-wracking, but I’ve always been a risk taker which has led to many ups... and downs”
  • Shows a sign pointing South
  • His wife is his “guardian angel.”
  • Shows the dude with him cutting a slider burger in half while wearing a huge diamond ring
  • “Family is very important for success, especially when performing for a King is in your blood.” (We are speculating that this “King” he is referring to is Richard Petty. He has performed before NASCAR races, and certainly we know Petty does still attend many races. It is conceivable that Chase could have performed while “The King” of NASCAR was in attendance.)
  • “I am really just a gentle giant”
  • I was the “toast of the town every week”
  • “When I suddenly wasn’t the best, I crashed and I burned.”
  • “I was center stage.”
  • “Being on top became an addiction”
  • Shows the guitar outside the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville
  • Shows the Rhino riding a bike and jumping off a ramp over the sunset

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The Swan (Group C)- Eliminated

Our guess: Bella Thorne

Actual celebrity: Bella Thorne


  • “I pushed past the nerves and dove in head first. Now it’s like I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole in this amazing wonderland” (Disney reference? Thorne was Alice in a production of Alice in Wonderland at Radio City Music Hall in New York.)
  • Shows a pink tea party
  • “New moons and rainbows (Twilight reference for the named “Bella”)
  • Shows raspberries in treasure chest (Raspberries have THORNS)
  • Shows a blown glass dolphin figurine with “made in Japan” on it. (Bella Thorne made a TV movie with Zendaya for their Disney Channel show Shake it Up with a song Made in Japan.
  • The Swan says she loves Ken Jeong (Throne and Jeong did The DUFF together.)
  • “I’ve been the black swan and against all odds, I’ve been able to spread my wings for millions to see. Life is truly magical.”
  • The sawn is known for it’s fierceness
  • “The Swan is a bird that flies despite burden of weight they carry”
  • Shows the Swan doing ballet
  • Shows vampire fangs
  • Shows Confetti
  • “I live my life in overdrive.”
  • Shows ghost

SPOILER ALERT: The next slide reveals the eliminated singer from Wednesday’s episode.


Elimination #10- The White Tiger - Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski

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