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The A.V. Club is recapping Marvel's Jessica Jones

Photo: David Giesbrecht (Netflix)

Episode 1: “A.K.A The Perfect Burger” | Episode 2: “A.K.A You’re Welcome” | Episode 3: “A.K.A I Have No Spleen” | Episode 4: “A.K.A Customer Service is Standing By” | Episode 5: “A.K.A I Wish” | Episode 6: “A.K.A Sorry Face” | Episode 7: “A.K.A The Double Half-Wappinger” | Episode 8: “A.K.A Camera Friendly” | Episode 9: “A.K.A I Did Something Today” | Episode 10: “A.K.A Hero Pants” | Episode 11: “A.K.A Hellcat” | Episode 12: “A.K.A A Lotta Worms” | Episode 13: “A.K.A Everything”

This post will be continuously updated. Read recaps from previous seasons of Marvel’s Jessica Jones.


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