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The A.V. Club is recapping Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

Photo: Diyah Pera (Netflix)

The first season of Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina gives the titular teenaged witch the Riverdale treatment, following 16-year-old Sabrina Spellman as she walks the line between paganism and pep rallies. Whether you’re letting the show simmer like a cauldron or racing through it like a bat out of hell, The A.V. Club is here with recaps of all 10 episodes.

Episode 1: “Chapter One: October Country” | Episode 2: “Chapter Two: The Dark Baptism” | Episode 3: “Chapter Three: The Trial of Sabrina Spellman” | Episode 4: “Chapter Four: Witch Academy” | Episode 5: “Chapter Five: Dreams in a Witch House” | Episode 6: “Chapter Six: An Exorcism in Greendale” | Episode 7: “Chapter Seven: Feast of Feasts” | Episode 8: “Chapter Eight: The Burial” | Episode 9: “Chapter Nine: The Returned Man” | Episode 10: “Chapter Ten: The Witching Hour”


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