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We're at this series' halfway point which may be why this episode could be called "Episode 5: Everybody Gives Up." Carolyn's the most obvious quitter, packing in her plans for pregnancy after spending most of the episode thinking an artificial insemination procedure had done the trick. (I guess the show deserves credit for being nearly as graphic with this as with the sex scenes but, note to future self: Stop watching these DVD screeners during lunch.) Elsewhere, Dave and Katie make a half-hearted effort at having sex while Jamie, after swearing off sex, gives up on giving up.

Like the sixth season of Buffy The Vampire Slayer or the "Wise Up" montage in Magnolia, this episode would seem to be about everyone hitting bottom. Or at least I hope this is bottom. For all the misgivings I have about this show, I do find I've started to care about some of the characters. Maybe it's just Stockholm Syndrome since I know I'm stuck with them for the long haul. Or maybe Cynthia Mort is on to something with her attempt to mix relationship drama with sexy sex scenes. And let's be honest: Titillation is hardwired into this show. Some of the sex may be awkward but there's nothing unsexy about Palek and Carolyn's two lovemaking scenes in this episode. (It probably doesn't hurt that Sonja Walger and Adam Scott are head-turningly attractive people.) Does seeing Carolyn depicted so sensually deepen the heartbreak when she realizes she's not, as she suspected, pregnant? We may not know until we get to the end of the series' run.

Speaking of awkward, Jaime and Boone From Lost (otherwise known as Ian Somerhalder) have a round of not-quite-consummated lovemaking cut short by her obvious lack of interest. I'm not sure which is more strained, that scene or the scenes from the following day when she starts following him around like a lonely duckling. Meanwhile, Dave and Katie take Dr. May's advice and put a lock on their bedroom door… which Dave promptly uses to make sure in can masturbate without interruption. (Dave, Dave, Dave, will we ever learn what makes you prefer Kleenex to flesh?) And Dr. May and her Silver Fox Husband have another cryptic conversation about the other man in her life. That last bit doesn't work at all, but I thought everything else in this episode was fairly well executed and I'm growing accustomed to the slow pace and glaciers-melt-faster-than-this character development. (Although, based on the diminishing comments here, I'm not sure anyone else is still watching with me. Hello?)

Grade: B

Stray observations:

- Wow, Palek's mom is handsy.

- Jaime plays softball on the same field as Dave and Katie's kids. Worlds collide!

- Mort has talked about how she was committed to keeping the look of the show–all cool surfaces and modern architecture–consistent across all the settings. But after a while it starts to seem like everyone is living in a high-end sushi restarurant.

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