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Teaser for season six of Community is all about reliving the past, making it bionic

Back in June, we reported that an obscure, low-rated NBC comedy called Community had been inexplicably resurrected by Yahoo for what will be its sixth season. The series is about a ragtag group of community college students from various different backgrounds who all band together to do better on Spanish tests, and it was created by Dan Harmon—one of the people behind classic VH1 comedy series Acceptable TV. This teaser for season six looks back on the show’s first five years, with glimpses of presumably memorable gags like the guy from The Soup playing naked billiards, Chevy Chase eating a Caesar salad, a yearlong gas leak, and Childish Gambino disguised as a chair. We don’t know what any of that means, though, because we’ve never actually seen this show. We’ve been too busy fat dogging for midterms and getting kicked out of pottery class for Ghosting. Anyway, season six of Community will premiere on everyone’s Yahoo-enabled computer devices at some still-undisclosed point in the future.


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