Ever since HBO’s The Brink was announced, we’ve had a hard time trying to imagine what the tone of the show will be. It stars Jack Black as a foreign service officer who gets stuck in Pakistan just as another World War is about to break out, Tim Robbins as the Secretary Of State, and Orange Is The New Black‘s Pablo Schreiber as a Navy fighter pilot. Together, the three of them have to, essentially, save the world. Also, it’s a comedy. That’s the tricky part.

This first teaser actually does a good job establishing what the show will be like, which is to say that it seems pretty funny. Jack Black is comically racist and he’s paired with an exasperated Aasif Mandvi as his straight man, Tim Robbins is having sex at an inappropriate time (a classic comedy setup), and Pablo Schreiber is…well, we don’t get much out of him, but he’s probably also funny. The Brink premieres on HBO on June 21.