We’ve been hearing for some time about the new cop-procedural satire Angie Tribeca, co-created by Steve Carell and Nancy Walls. Starring Rashida Jones as the head of the LAPD’s “Really Heinous Crimes Unit” (which should give you a sense of the wavelength this show is operating on), it sounds like a show that would fit right in with Adult Swim’s live-action programming, but got lost en route to the studio and wound up at TBS instead.

We don’t see much of co-stars Amy Smart and David Koechner in this short teaser—although it’s pretty sparse on anything, really—and instead get some text advertising the odd rollout of the premiere. Taking a page from Netflix, TBS is kicking off the series with an all-day airing of the show’s initial 10 episodes beginning January 17 at 9 p.m. ET. The marathon will go on for 25 hours straight (that’s five times in a row, non-math nerds). After that, TBS will air episodes weekly like a regular cable network, thereby splitting the difference between traditional and streaming TV. Regardless of how you watch it, this looks like TBS’s chance to actually earn its “Very Funny” moniker.