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T.V. Club makes a few changes

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We're a few weeks into this T.V. Club experiment of ours and so far it's been a lot of fun. But television is a cruel world and television coverage has to mirror that world. There are a few shows we've lost interest in and have decided to stop covering and a few more shows that you, the readers, have apparently never been all that interested in us covering in the first place. Thus we're pulling some plugs. This week will end our coverage of the following shows:

Bionic Woman


Dirty Sexy Money

Kitchen Nightmares

The Next Great American Band


Ugly Betty

All the writers did fine jobs (well, I'll let others determine whether I did or not) but, for one reason or another, it was time to say goodbye to our coverage of these shows.

And while we're on the subject of goodbyes, some of the shows we cover are soon to end their regular runs, namely Curb Your Enthusiasm, Tell Me You Love Me, and It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. But the T.V. Club doesn't take without giving. We'll soon be adding coverage of:

Project Runway

and (by popular demand)

Gossip Girl and


And at mid-season you can look for Lost, The Wire, The Shield, Battlestar Galactica, and others. Unless… well, there is the matter of the writer's strike and all that that implies. What would a prolonged strike mean for the T.V. Club? We don't have the answer yet. Hopefully we won't have to provide one any time soon but we are discussing contingency plans. As I write this I'm looking at an 18-disc Benny Hill collection that's begging for someone to write about it.


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