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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

People with severe cases of odontophobia should probably stay steer clear of this teaser trailer for Syfy’s Channel Zero. Actually, people with even minor cases of odontophobia—or simple aversions to deeply disturbing imagery—might want to look the other way. However, if you are not at all bothered by the sight of a tooth-covered beast lumbering through a field toward a car in which waits its next unsuspecting meal, then by all means take a look. Because this clip, titled “The Tooth Child Is Hungry,” is batshit crazy and portends good things for the show.

The anthology series—adapted from online “creepypasta” horror stories by Max Landis (American Ultra) and Nick Antosca (that Friday The 13th reboot)—is expected to become an annual event, arising from the unknowable void every year around Halloween. The first season will be adapted from Kris Straub’s “Candle Cove,” about a guy’s disturbing memories of a puppet show he used to watch as a kid. How a child with epidermis dentata factors into that remains unclear. But that’s probably a good thing.


Syfy’s Channel Zero skulks haltingly toward your television screen, fated to arrive on September 27.

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