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Syfy releases new premiere dates and trailers for The Magicians and The Expanse

Syfy has announced the return dates for two of the most high-profile shows on its current TV schedule. The Magicians—based off of Lev Grossman’s best-selling take on the grim reality underpinning fantasies like Harry Potter or The Chronicles Of Narnia—will return for a second season on January 25. Meanwhile, the network’s sprawling syfy epic The Expanse comes back on February 8.

Both shows also received new trailers to amp up interest before their 2017 sophomore debuts. The one for The Magicians (above) shows Quentin Coldwater and friends adjusting to the beautiful, magical, and incredibly dangerous world of Fillory. The promo for The Expanse, meanwhile, sees the conflict between Earth and its interplanetary colonies rapidly heating up.


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