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Just in case the initial teasers for Syfy’s creepypasta-inspired horror anthology series Channel Zero weren’t unsettling enough, now the network has released another, more revealing trailer for the show and the 32 flavors (give or take) of nightmare fuel contained therein. Where the first trailer may or may not have anything to do with the show’s plot, this trailer includes a little more information on the show itself, based on Kris Straub’s story about a sinister local-access kids’ show called Candle Cove that appears only to the most imaginative (and disturbed) of children.

Amid images of skeleton masks, a skinless little boy, and a monster covered in what we can only assume is said boy’s skin, the trailer sets up a story that appears to jump back and forth in time between the present day and the 1980s as child psychologist Mike Painter (Paul Schneider) returns to his hometown to investigate a series of disappearances that took place during that oh-so-trendy horror decade and how they relate to the puppet show they used to watch on TV. Fiona Shaw co-stars as Marla Painter, Mike’s mom.


Channel Zero premieres October 11 on Syfy.

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