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Survivor springs a new twist that fails to shake up the status quo

Wendell Holland, Domenick Abbate
Wendell Holland, Domenick Abbate
Photo: Screen Grab (CBS Entertainment)
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  • Some sort of stargate has opened over Lavita beach. Laurel is feeling pretty good about saving Dom’s alliance. Kellyn isn’t so sure she wants to work with her, as she’s still feeling “Naviti Strong.” Wendell and Dom promise they won’t go after each other, but Dom’s willing to do it when the time is right. The 700th idol hunt of the season leads Dom to a fake idol from Millennials Vs. Gen-X. This one is still fake, though! I guess it wasn’t on Ghost Island long enough to gain power.
  • There’s a twist! Two immunity necklaces are up for grabs...and two people will be voted out at two separate tribal councils. Two random tribes of five are drawn. Dom, Wendell, and Kellyn are all on one tribe with Laurel and Michael, so Michael is pretty much toast if he doesn’t win. The challenge relies on arm strength to hold up a ball with a contraption, and apparently Michael has none as he’s quickly out. Chelsea prevails for purple, while Dom and Wendell go head-to-head for orange. There’s plenty of trash talk, particularly from Domenick, and in the end he prevails. Everything’s coming up Dom!
  • This is like a post-merge tribe swap, which is something different, I guess. Michael wants to borrow Donathan’s idol to show it around as a bluff, but Donathan is having none of it. Michael tells Kellyn he has one anyway. Kellyn seems to buy it, but Dom is adamant that Michael doesn’t have one. She goes to Wendell and tries to pull him into a Laurel vote. Wendell passes it on to Laurel, urging her to vote for Kellyn instead of Michael. Kellyn still has an extra vote, which...I guess I remember that happening? Damn, there are so many advantages in this game, I feel like a need a spreadsheet.
  • The purple tribe is gunning for Jenna. Seabass tells her they’re going for Donathan, though. Donathan ponders saving Jenna with his idol. She thinks he’s an idiot. She seems nice! They’re first up at tribal council, and word on the street is that Malolo is still in trouble. Jenna is ready to vote without putting up a fight, or so she claims. She votes for Donathan, stupidly. He plays the idol for himself. Woohoo! The only vote he gets is Jenna’s as she is rightly voted out. Get outta here! Or actually, just walk over to the jury.
  • The orange tribe takes a seat. Seeing Jenna on the jury, Laurel says it looks like Naviti is sticking to their plan. Kellyn is scared of idol king Michael. Dom urges his allies not to panic, but then he starts whispering to Wendell. This is not putting Kellyn at ease. She uses her extra vote. The votes are all over the place. It comes down to two votes each for Laurel and Michael. On the revote, Michael is ousted. He played hard, I’ll give him that.
  • With all the twists and turns tonight, the end result was predictable. Two more original Malolos were sent to the jury. The lesson once again: the players make the game, and casting is far more important than the spinning wheel o’ twists when it comes to making a successful Survivor season.

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