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Survival’s still the order of the day in Fear The Walking Dead season 3 teaser

At this point, everyone on Fear The Walking Dead has had to do some questionable and/or objectionable things to stay alive, even though the world’s not yet overrun with walkers. Even Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) has taken the life of a fellow impending walker-apocalypse survivor in order to protect a loved one. A new season-three teaser shows her wrestling with her guilt, even as her mom Madison (Kim Dickens) reminds her family that they’ll do whatever to survive. That appears to include dealing with the American militia that popped up in the season two finale, which once again saw the Angelenos split up: Strand (Colman Domingo) stayed at the hotel while Madison, Alicia, and Travis (Cliff Curtis) were exiled for disrupting their new haven. We see Nick (Stephen Dillane) back in blood-soaked, roaming action, as well as a flash to Lucy (Danay Garcia), who didn’t have the most pleasant encounter with the aforementioned militia. We’ll learn her fate and more when Fear The Walking Dead returns June 4 to AMC.


[via Entertainment Weekly]

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