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Surprising Facts About Steven Seagal

You might know Steven Seagal as the star of Under Siege and Under Siege 2: Beneath Even More Siege, or perhaps you remember him best as Celebrity Grand Marshal, along with The Beach Boys (they count as one Marshal), of the 1993 Endymion parade. But, as it turns out, Steven Seagal is more than just an action star/one-time grand marshall of a Mardi Gras parade.

Here are a few surprising facts* about the action star/one-time grand marshall of a parade you may not know:

—For the past 5 years, Steven Seagal has been a resident marine biologist at The New Orleans Aquarium (this position is normally given to a person with a college degree in Marine Biology, but the HR people at the Aquarium really like Above The Law, so…)


—In his spare time, Steven Seagal breeds silkworms and sells them on eBay. He is also an amateur beekeeper.

—Steven Seagal has been the CEO of Barnes & Noble for the past 12 years. (He really helped them hone their merchandising strategy.)

—For the past 23 years, Steven Seagal has been a district judge (St. Croix Division) of the court of The US Virgin Islands.

—Steven Seagal invented Post-Its.

—Steven Seagal writes under 5 pen names, including Sue Grafton, Nick Hornby, S.E. Hinton, Dan Brown, and Socrates.


—For the past 90 years, Steven Seagal has technically been head of the Parks Department in Sioux City, Iowa.

—Steven Seagal is somehow 168 years old

—For the past 20 years, Steven Seagal has been a deputized sheriff in Louisiana's Jefferson Parish.


That last fact may seem like the least surprising of the surprising Steven Seagal facts, but A & E decided to make a reality series about it anyway.

In case you're wondering, Steven Seagal patrolling the streets of Metairie as a deputy sheriff isn't just a surprising Steven Seagal fact, it's true. The other facts could be true, too, of course, but we'll just have to wait for the A&E show(s) to make sure.


*not actual facts

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