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Supergirl won’t kneel before Vartox in her latest trailer

Supergirl is coming to earth this fall, and we’re getting increasingly frequent trailers and casting news to herald the arrival of Kara Danvers, a.k.a. Kara Zor-El. This latest promo features some familiar footage, including Danvers outing her powers to a friend and her heroic rescue of a passenger jet. We do get a peek at Calista Flockheart’s Cat Grant, however, who demands that she be provided with the hero of the plane rescue. (Like the rest of Metropolis, Grant is unable to recognize Supergirl when she is sporting her horn-rimmed glasses.)


We also get our first full look at one of the villains who will be trying to cramp Supergirl’s style. In the comics, Vartox was a rip-off of Sean Connery’s character from Zardoz, including his minimal wardrobe and hirsute physique. In Supergirl, he’s decidedly more conventional, sporting a shaved head and aggressive sagittal crest. It’s not clear if he’s still from Valeron, but wherever he’s from, they don’t have a very progressive attitude towards gender equality. After giving Supergirl a powerful backhand that sends her reeling, Vartox proclaims, “On my planet, females bow before males.” Aside from being offensive and totally unnecessary, striking an earthbound Kryptonian comes at great personal risk. “This is not your planet,” Supergirl informs Vartox, before launching him through a cinderblock wall. Elsewhere, a semi truck that must have done something equally bad appears, and Supergirl proceeds to bash it real good.

Supergirl will elude her own boss while laying the smackdown on a menagerie of evil-doers and rude truckers when she touches down October 26 on CBS.