We knew that when Supergirl returned to National City this fall, that she’d have to share some of the limelight with her oft-neglected cousin, Superman. This latest trailer captures the friendship, teamwork, and playful rivalry shared by Kara Zor-El and Superman (Teen Wolf’s Taylor Hoechlin).

As the caped-duo blast off to do some good around town, it’s clear they’re like two peas in a Kryptonian escape pod. And the premiere promises more of last season’s upbeat fun, with the closest thing to drama coming in the form of Superman’s celebrity. Kara’s pals are all awestruck by the son of Jor-El, to that the point that Supergirl is a teensy-bit exasperated with all of the, ahem, hero worship going on. Fortunately there’s crashing jets to divert, rogues of the week to punch, and plenty of opportunities for Supergirl and her cousin to work as a team. Heat vision, freeze breath, and super-strength are all invoked to save the day. And unlike their matinee counterparts, these Kryptonians seem to genuinely enjoy their work. (Zack Snyder, take note: while Superman is weakened by kryptonite, winking occasionally is not hazardous to his health.)


If it seems like Superman and his slightly off-brand cape fastener are threatening to truly upstage Kara Danvers and her quest to keep the peace, fear not. So far the word is that Hoechlin is only in for the season premiere, leaving the door open for periodic team-ups when the show faces villainous threats (or needs to pack in the super-celebrities during February sweeps week).

Kara Zor-El and her tagalong cousin will keep National City safe when Supergirl returns to the CW October 10.