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Stranger Things go bump in the night in the first trailer from Netflix

Netflix released several photos from the set of its ’80s drama Stranger Things, but they didn’t give us much to go off of besides Winona Ryder looking startled while using a rotary phone. So it’s a good thing the first trailer is finally out, because it reframes the show’s spooky kidnapping premise as more of an alien abduction than your garden-variety custodial interference tale.

Ryder still looks plenty upset as Joyce, a single mother whose son Will disappears late one night. The sheriff (David Harbour) tries to reassure her that her kid is probably just with his dad, and not, say, the Blair Witch, but she calls him out on his statistics. Stranger things have probably happened on the small screen, but here we get guys in hazmat suits, a chain lock that undoes itself, and several nosebleeds, so the show still looks pretty creepy.


Stranger Things debuts July 15 on Netflix.

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