Shameless comes back in January, and with it, the endlessly dysfunctional Gallagher family and their ever-evolving host of addictions, money woes, and prison sentences. A new season means a new trailer, too, giving fans a quick check-in on where each member of the storied South Side clan is in their personal journeys toward self-destruction. Here’s the rundown:

  • Young hellion Carl: In and out of juvie. Dispensing harsh prison truths, and, apparently, guns. Cornrows.
  • Attention-starved middle child Debbie: Pregnant, lying about it to her family, and getting schooled in the art of welfare cheating by her always dependable dad.
  • Quasi-responsible sister-mom Fiona: Having sex with Dermot Mulroney, a decision it’s hard to fault her for.
  • Ian: Haunting the background like a manic-depressive, William H. Macy-dick-glimpsing ghost.
  • College-focused Lip: Apparently living in some other, sexier show, complete with an attractive older love interest and a gruff-voiced mentor.
  • World’s Best Dad Frank: A blubbering, drunken, heartbroken mess, who’s taken to telling everyone he loves them in a way that seems like it’s going to get him stabbed in the neck.
  • Liam, the baby of the family: Liam has a knife!

The madness returns to Showtime on January 6.