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We’re slowly emerging from the late December/early January TV season divide, which means we’ve got a big treat for all the CW fans and leather fetishists in the audience: A new trailer for the second half of Arrow season four, complete with all the hooded vigilante action you’ve come to expect from the show. The teaser picks up where the midseason finale left off, with Oliver Queen and new fiancée Felicity attacked by terrorists, sending Ms. Smoak to the hospital and Oliver from “glowering hero” mode into sorrow-bearded hyperbrood. Cue a full-on roaring rampage of revenge against Neal McDonough’s platinum blonde wizard man Damien Darhk (and here’s your yearly reminder that every time someone yells “Dark,” on this show, they’re actually screaming, “DARHK.”)

We’ve also got the return of Alexander Calvert’s transplanted Batman villain Anarky, some shadow-based punch-’em-ups, and a few shots of star Stephen Amell weeping manfully over a grave, because this show is Batman, and it’s no longer ashamed to show it.


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