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Sob along with Idina Menzel and Nia Long in the Beaches remake trailer

Don’t let that thumbnail image fool you—there will be plenty of weeping in the Beaches remake. You’ll even be hard-pressed not to sniffle over this trailer, which recreates many familiar moments from the 1988 film. There’s Hillary (Nia Long), watching from the wings as C.C. (Idina Menzel) conquers the theater and music worlds. Hillary gets to enjoy more personal victories, like getting married and giving birth. Unfortunately, neither of those lasts for long (we told you you’d need tissues to get through this). But hey, look at the adorable baby!

Lifetime is, surprisingly enough, adhering closely to the original, which was itself an adaptation of Iris Rainer Dart’s novel. As far as we can tell, there won’t be any vampires or kidnappers to spoil the best friends’ happiness—life will take care of that.


Beaches premieres January 21, 2017 on Lifetime.

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