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So You Think You Can Dance: "2 Of 10 Voted Off"

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Time out: is America not voting the dancers off anymore? In previous seasons, once the competition reached the top 10, eliminations were based solely on votes, but tonight we have the judges choose who stays and who goes. Apparently they don’t trust America anymore. Which is fine, because neither do I. We’ll see what happens next week, but as long as the votes determine the final winner, I don’t mind seeing the judges do the weeding.


This week's opening Josh Bergasse Broadway group routine is a fine showcase of the dancers’ technique, but after a while it gets to be a little one-hat. Can we please get Mia Michaels to give us just one mind-blowing group routine this season? I feel like the group routines haven’t been all that exciting, but now that we’re at the best of the best, I hope we get to see some more inventive choreography.

Last night was the season’s best for me, and while Tyce doomed Mitchell with his Broadway number, the girls’ elimination was a mystery to me. Sasha and Melanie were definitely safe based on the fan base they’ve gathered, but the other three girls turned out some of the best routines of their SYTYCD careers last night. Caitlynn’s sultry Argentine tango keeps her safe, officially putting her in the Jeanine role of a dancer that comes out of nowhere with the sudden potential to really fuck things up for the other girls. I liked Tyce’s jazz routine for Ricky, but it was definitely not the kind of routine the voters flock to. Ricky and Allison danced the hell out of the dark, violent piece, but it lacked a strong emotional hook, putting Ricky in the bottom once again.

This week’s guest dancer Damille Simpkin comes to us from the American Ballet Theatre, and his solo is weird as hell. It’s occasionally cool and his technique is insane, but the nerd costume is distracting and I can’t tell if he’s supposed to be 14 or 40. I prefer pairs and group guest dances over solos, and I found it hard to focus on Damille unless he was doing his crazy Matrix flips through the air.

The Gatorade advertising team strikes again, sending the dancers to the Gatorade Sports Science Institute where they sit in an egg and push buttons until they prove they’re athletes. A picture says a thousand words, and Melanie’s face in the above screencap says it all.


The dancers’ solos are a mixed bag, with Mitchell’s ribbon dance and Clarice’s bland jazz number sealing their fates. Ricky whips out every trick in the bag, as usual, and my god that boy that dance. I hope he makes it to the top six, but Tadd is going to make that more or less impossible. Jordan repeats last night’s Lykke Li solo, and I think the judges are keeping her around because she is continuing to show incredible growth in the competition.

Pan-Asian reality show girl group Blush performs with Snoop Dogg, and it is awful. That girl in the purple needs to stop winking at me, because she’s starting to make me really uncomfortable. She’s like someone’s cousin that they got to fill in last minute. Snoop Dogg’s presence is just plain pitiful, and I couldn’t bring myself to watch the entirety of their off-key number.


The elimination is very classy, and the judges focus on the dancers’ strengths and their obligation to cut two dancers, not on any sort of weakness with the routines. Clarice had a great run with Jess and her Bollywood with Robert was one of the genre’s best on the show, and Mitchell at least gave us that Mandy Moore routine. Next week we have Chicago director Rob Marshall and LADY GAGA on the judge’s panel, so this is about to get real.

Stray Observations:

  • Anyone else think that Nigel and Mary have become a lot more tolerable since their kiss?
  • Everyone in the bottom four is sobbing as they stand the stairs pre-commercial break.
  • It would’ve been really sad if Jordan went home after that Lykke Li “Tonight” solo.
  • Guido Guido Guido GUIIIIIIIDO. Worst song ever.
  • You never forget how many times you’ve been in the bottom.
  • Next week's All-Stars: Ivan (Season 2), Lauren (Season 3), Anya (Season 3), Pasha (Season 3), Lauren (Season 7 Winner), Jaimie (Season 3), Neil (Season 3), and Ade (Season 5).

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