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Snoop Dogg's Father Hood: Series Premiere

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As a character, Snoop Dogg is extremely likeable–funny, laid-back, unapologetic, but ultimately sweet. (He might be a horrible person in real life, I'm talking about his public persona here.) A reality show for him seems like a slam dunk, which makes Snoop Dogg's Father Hood, which debuted last night on E!, all the more disappointing. It looks and feels like a plotless three-camera sitcom, with "characters" in "scenes" even more obviously set up than most reality shows. That would be forgivable if anything interesting was going on, but Snoop's life seems pretty fucking boring at this point.

He goes to the doctor, but he's scared of needles, so his celebrity doc tells him to try yoga. It's not for him or his gigantic security guy, though Snoop is hot for the instructor (cue the show's only half-laugh). Next, the doc suggests acupuncture–to a guy who won't let his own doctor draw blood. Turns out the acupuncturist is not only going to stick Snoop with needles, he's also BLIND! (Cue crickets.) Snoop runs out of the office.

Meanwhile, his kids are at home having a staged silly-string fight, and the maid quit. The big promise for next week: Snoop's gonna get that maid back, no matter what it takes. Hey Snoop, why not get a new maid? And a new show, something more along the lines of Doggy Fizzle Televizzle? That shit was funny, and this shit is destined for the dustbin, very soon. You're no Ozzy, and that's a huge, huge compliment.

Grade: D

Stray Observations:

— Umm… Snoop's kids have fun nicknames.

— David Beckham is going to be in an upcoming episode. (Yawn.)

— If this show is a commercial success, I will drink an entire ham-flavored Jones Soda.


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