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Giovannni Ribisi reinvents himself as Sneaky Pete in this new trailer for Bryan Cranston’s drama, which itself was made over, taking on a new life at Amazon after CBS passed on it. Well, Marius (Ribisi) is actually already plenty sneaky before he assumes a fellow criminal’s identity (Ethan Embry). The genial grifter’s in a bind, though—he and his brother owe some underworld boss (a dapper, homicidal Cranston) $100,000. The real Pete apparently talked enough about his Mayberry upbringing that Marius feels confident in pretending to be Audrey’s (beloved character actress Margo Martindale) wayward grandson, in order to rob her bail bonds business. But because this is Margo Martindale we’re talking about, it’s not going to be so easy to pull the wool over her eyes.

After a strong performance during Amazon’s pilot season, Sneaky Pete nabbed a series order, and now has a premiere date of January 13, 2017.


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