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Silicon Valley’s season two trailer reveals new sources of tension

The second season of Silicon Valley is quickly approaching and already it’s shaping to be a far more tense affair than the first one. As the fledgling crew works to launch its startup into the stratosphere, there’s the question of sharing hair products, the proper location of artisanal butter, and the desperate need for coasters on the tables. Okay, actually it looks like it’ll be more of the same off-color, outlandish comedy, with much of the conflict fueled by T.J. Miller’s egomaniac character, while the rest experience their own usual issues. It was recently announced that Suzanne Cryer would be joining the show as a sort of replacement for the late Christopher Evan Welch. The full nature of her role—and the identity of the culprit who’s been using Erlich’s conditioner—will likely be revealed when the HBO show returns April 12.


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