You may know Jimmy O. Yang as Silicon Valley’s perpetually downtrodden intern, and you may soon know him from the upcoming Mark Wahlberg thriller Patriots Day, which hits theaters in January (not the December release date Jimmy cites during the taping). But if time travel were possible, you’d know him as the guy who served a noble stint as Abraham Lincoln’s designated wingman for all parties in the greater Gettysburg area. That’s just one of the fantasies that Jimmy entertains in our improvisational decision-making game. And in round three, he plays a mini-game of his own devising—shortly before taping, we scrapped our plans for the round at Jimmy’s request, as he noted that he can’t tell two famous pop singers apart, so we made a game of it. This marks the first and last time that a guest will be allowed to invent their own round.

In each round of Pick A Choice, our guest draws two cards from a deck filled with famous names (both real and fictional) and one card from a deck of scenarios. Then it’s time for the guest to decide who they’d rather pick in the given scenario. For instance, would Monty Hall or The Kids In The Hall be a better choice to give you complicated driving directions?

If you haven’t seen previous installments of Pick A Choice, it’s a great way to bond with your family during this holiday season.