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Sherlock season three trailer has Sherlock in it, so that's sort of a spoiler, we guess

It’s been almost a full year since the Sherlock season two finale aired in the UK, and fans of the modern-day adaptation of everyone’s favorite ornery detective have been clamoring to find out how Sherlock survived his supposed death fall. The season three trailer confirms what fans already knew—Sherlock is indeed alive and well (#SherlockLives) and he will soon reunite with best friend/possible lover (at least according to certain creators of fan art), John Watson. Benedict Cumberbatch looks like his usual steely self in the 30-second trailer, but the big news here is the caterpillar-like moustache gracing the upper lip of Martin Freeman. Sherlock returns in the U.S. on January 19 (the UK premiere date has not yet been announced), and fans can look forward to finding out exactly how Sherlock survived falling off of a building, smashing into the ground, and having his bloody body taken away to the morgue. Presumably, it’s elementary (but not Elementary).


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