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Last season on Veep, President Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) made most of the wrong moves on the road to reelection—delaying the release of a journalist to wrangle a photo op, waiving executive privilege even though not speaking is often in her best interest—but at least she nabbed a great running mate in Tom James (Hugh Laurie). We’ll see if that’s enough to secure a second term in office after all, because her job isn’t about to get any easier: She’ll face some of her thorniest situations yet, including a bank bailout and a rendezvous with whatever smooth talker John Slattery is playing. There’s also a Jonah flare-up, but that’s probably nothing Amy (Anna Chlumsky) can’t handle.

Veep kicks off its next term, which could be Selina Meyer’s last, on April 24.


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