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Scandal finally gets to the twist and it almost pays off

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Because The A.V. Club knows that TV shows keep going even if we’re not writing at length about them, we’re experimenting with discussion posts. For certain shows, one of our TV writers will publish some brief thoughts about the latest episode, and open the comments for readers to share theirs.

  • We’re switching to discussion posts for Scandal! The best part of Scandal is talking about Scandal, so let’s get to it!
  • The episode starts on the night Jake’s VP selection is announced. Jake is watching with his very annoying wife, Vanessa. Jessalyn Gilsig (previously on Glee) was made to play characters like this––desperate, drunk wives.
  • I’m sorry, did Jake’s wife just say “But, you love Liv, she’s your sister” because THAT’S GROSS. They had all that sex in the sun! That’s just wrong.
  • “NSA Boy Toy, Jacob Ballard” - That’s really not a phrase I ever needed to hear.
  • We eventually jump to 73 days before the inauguration and Sally’s TV show. It is apparently incredibly important that Vanessa be interviewed about the electoral college.
  • Sally calling Cyrus a murderer was silly. She’s acting real self-righteous for a woman who KILLED HER HUSBAND.
  • Olivia: She’s sick with the flu can’t even get out of bed. You understand.
    Sally: I do not. I get my flu shot every September.
  • Of course, Vanessa is too drunk for the interview. This was almost too soapy and not nearly as entertaining as Mellie’s drunk binge. Incinerating her car seems like overkill.
  • I’m pretty sure Jake is the disgusting one since he’s been playing his ex-girlfriend off as his “sister” to his wife for months.
  • We jump back in time again to two days after the first VP debate. Jake is really mad about taking orders from Liv, but why? He was going to run away with Liv, he obviously doesn’t really hate her. It’s just so obvious that Jake is scheming and I wish they’d get to the point.
  • We finally hear Liv’s plea for the Oval Office: She really wants to win so she can make up for Defiance. That’s disappointing. Get over it, Liv.
  • I love that Vanessa took the wine-bait during her argument with Jake. She has a point––Liv is a famous mistress and Jake is a piece of shit.
  • In the world of Scandal, women only become alcoholics when they marry assholes. Best of luck to Quinn, but Charlie is the best guy on the show at this point so she should be fine.
  • The previews featuring an “epic fight” between Vanessa and Olivia felt gross. It’s always disgusting when a show pits women against each other. BUT, that fight scene was everything that Scandal does well. You are not coming for Liv, not today.
  • The show’s introduction of evidence indicting Jake and Papa Pope was so lazy. Vanessa drunkenly mentioning the “other slut” Jake was talking to was an immediate Papa Pope flag. Vanessa just forgot to mention to anyone that Jake was gone for 9 hours. Sure.
  • “Liquor cabinet is back that way” - Wow.
  • And here’s Papa Pope right on time. Oh, but it’s not just Papa Pope. We now have another super secret villain who’s controlling things. Woo. This is what we all wanted, more B613.
  • Was Jake about to strangle Vanessa in that couch scene?
  • Olivia: What do we know?
    Everything. We literally know everything, Liv.
  • Why is Liv so dumb sometimes? She really doesn’t think Jake has her office bugged? She doesn’t understand that Jake needs to get rid of her phone so no one can track them? They make Olivia stupid when they need her to be stupid.
  • All of a sudden, Liv’s life is threatened and she can’t even fathom taking the Oval while Cyrus gets the death penalty, but she was literally cool with that when she was talking to Quinn.
  • Jennifer Fields is still alive! It’s a good twist, but I think she’ll end up dead later in the season.

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