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Say goodbye to Ash Vs. Evil Dead forever

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Here’s what’s happening in the world of television for Sunday, April 29. All times are Eastern. 


Ash Vs. Evil Dead (Starz, 9 p.m.) It was just announced that this episode is not just Ash Vs. Evil Dead’s season-three finale, but the finale of the series overall. Bruce Campbell seems pretty chill about it, at least, saying, “Ash Vs. Evil Dead has been the ride of a lifetime. Ash Williams was the role of a lifetime. It was an honor to reunite with Evil Dead partners Rob Tapert and Sam Raimi to give our tireless fans another taste of the outrageous horror/comedy they demanded.” To pay your proper respects, why not grab your boomstick and/or chainsaw and see how this all plays out tonight?

Regular coverage

Bob’s Burgers (Fox, 7:30 p.m.)
The Simpsons (Fox, 8 p.m.)
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Fox, 8:30 p.m.)
Homeland (Showtime, 9 p.m.): 7th season finale
Westworld (HBO, 9 p.m.)
The Last Man On Earth (Fox, 9:30 p.m.)
Trust (FX, 10 p.m.)
Billions (Showtime, 10 p.m.)
Silicon Valley (HBO, 10 p.m.)
Barry (HBO, 10:30 p.m.)


Wild card

Worst Cooks In America: Celebrity Edition (Food Network, 9 p.m.): Since we are no strangers to our own struggles in the kitchen, we appreciate when people appear on TV to show what terrible cooks they are. Especially celebrities! The Celebrity Edition kicked off on Food Network a few weeks ago, so tune in to see Bronson Pinchot, La Toya Jackson, and Ian Ziering grapple with various culinary tasks. Actually we’re just glad Maria Bamford is one of the contestants; we love her.


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