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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
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A heist is afoot! In an homage to crime capers, this week’s Riverdale assembles the team to bust Archie out of prison, and it feels like the show firing on all cylinders. There are wigs, and abs, and motorcycle chases, and over-the-top Jughead narration—what more could you want? After Dial M For Maple debriefs the mission, Cameron and Marah say goodbye to the warden and praise Hermione’s for calling out her family’s “Archie obsession.” In The Blue And Gold, we discuss Tom Hanks’ Mazes And Monsters and try to figure out which Riverdale cast member would make the best Drag Race judge.

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For further thoughts on all of the mayhem in Riverdale, check out our colleague LaToya Ferguson’s excellent TV Club reviews.

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