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Santa Clarita Diet works in some quality parental time

Photo: Netflix
Photo: Netflix
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Santa Clarita Diet has so far done a wonderful job of exploring Joel and Sheila’s marriage, which is now being tested by her becoming a zombie. Similarly, Abby has found a new friend (and hopefully more) in neighbor boy Eric. But in episode 9, “The Book!,” they change things up a bit for some quality parental time and it really works.

It kicks off with Rick bringing Abby home after she got pulled over on her motorcycle for running a stop sign. Joel and Sheila’s reaction is priceless, especially Abby declares she’s not going to college. This trio is really gelling as a family unit with every passing episode.


Anyway, with Abby’s delinquency and Sheila losing body parts left and right, Mama Hammond decides to take some mother-daughter time with Abby. The Hammonds have finally really noticed that Abby has been spiraling, and Sheila wants her to be OK when Sheila is no longer around (which may be sooner rather than later).

Of course, in true Santa Clarita Diet fashion, the mother-daughter day ends up being a mission to harass the dead chop shop guy’s brother to try to get Eric’s money back after the dead guy ripped them off.

It’s a cute storyline for them, especially because eventually Sheila has to confess to Abby what’s really going on with her and they sweetly bond over the idea that Sheila might really be dying. *sniff*

Joel, meanwhile, is on the case for the cure, going after the guy who claims to have the Serbian book. It lands him at a paranormal convention with Eric, who is Joel’s guide and translator for this unfamiliar world of nerdom.


This parental storyline is even better, because poor Eric desperately needs a father figure and he and Joel are really great together. Plus, they discover that Serbian book guy is a big, fat liar. Instead, there’s another mystery man who knows the zombie condition to be real and puts Joel in touch with an ex-CDC scientist who specializes in fringe biology, Dr. Cora Wolfe (Portia de Rossi).

It’s another solid, cute episode of the show, though admittedly I am chomping at the bit to get to the finale because I’m so curious what they can resolve with the scientist and what the set-up is for the second season (this show better get a second season).


Stray observations

  • I’m excited about Portia de Rossi, I’ve been a fan of hers since Ally McBeal. She’s also been great on Scandal in recent years.
  • It sounds like Anne may be protecting and serving Lisa (wink wink), so let’s hope that’s a storyline they can continue in Season 2. Because there’s going to be a Season 2, right? RIGHT?!
  • “Abby, there are about six points in that story where you could’ve gotten killed.”
    “Seven, if you count this one!”
  • “We’re going to do different mother-daughter stuff today.”
    “Awesome. Can we not call it mother-daughter stuff?”
    “I know, he totally ruined that.”

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